text experiments

tide heights chartbalustrade text concept - detailbalustrade & wall panels View 3 no text

My overall aim is for the artwork to pay homage to the beauty around it by incorporating that beauty into the artwork itself through reflections.


The artwork I’m working on now is the decoration on the glass balustrades that will be in front of the nearby beach huts. Using a combination of mirror with clear and frosted glass, the balustrade will reflect the seascape. Text will be the main focus for the designs – I’ve been working with Jo Holmes, who’s been collecting photographs of text from around the seafront – signs, boat names, maritime charts etc. in line with our ‘snapshot of Bridlington seafront’ theme (which I’ll talk about in the next blog). I’m extracting words, phrases, letters, numbers from Jo’s images – some will be complete phrases or sentences, but most end up looking quite abstract – and incorporating them into the balustrade designs. Working with Adrian Riley, who has wonderful typography skills, we experimented with creative list-making! …inventing numerous rules to create all sorts of patterns with words, but eventually settled on using a pattern of tide heights – statistically accurate data that in graph form forms a lovely wave shape (see image below). The text will be superimposed over this shape, creating a wave of overlapping words.