adrian portrait

silly me

One of the most consistent findings from the community consultations suggests Bridlington people have a penchant for text in their public art. And with Mel Gooding already setting the bar at great heights with his poem along Bridlington’s South Bay, I have decided to add to my team by bringing in Adrian Riley from Scarborough’s Electric Angel Design. Adrian’s work is generally at the heart of much what is revered within design on the east coast and it feels great to have him on board. Having collaborated with him on several projects in the past, I’m fully convinced that he is a complete wizard of all things typography; and with an acute awareness of how letters should flow and be layered within design, I am fully confident that he will be able to bring typographical harmony to this element of the brief!

Also on board, for his interest in the story that lies behind an image, and capturing a character is Jø Holmes. His strong sense of composition and design—and an eye for the quirky detail that usually goes un-noticed—makes him perfect for his role of photographing found text for our 1st May Bridlington Harbour ‘snapshot’.  His ability to strike up a conversation and wheedle a story from with all who pass in front of his lens means we had a fascinating glimpse into the inner workings of the harbour and seafront environment.

* I, grace hardy (age 9) have just come from grandmars and started to invade the cherry cake whilst curiously looking at the writing above though i hardly under studd it. the groan ups laughed happily once they finished gobbling  down their own piece of breath taking, luscious, phenomenal ,gorges , cherry cake inside the house away from the turbulent weather.

*Hijacking the keyboard here is my young daughter Grace who has been keeping up the team’s morale by baking the cakes!