The environment surrounding Headworks pumping station is providing the inspiration for my artworks. Stunning sea and skyscapes, the strong geometry of the buildings and structures of the Promenade, and the buzzing activity of the harbour have been the starting point for developing ideas.

I want to create an artwork that is contemporary in its overall feel, something that will interact with changing light conditions through day and night. So, I propose to use mirror and glass, materials that reflect and refract light, casting shadows and projecting light onto adjacent surfaces. As a consequence the artwork will be dynamic, offering passers-by a different visual experience at different times of the day and through the changing seasons.

reflected light from mirrorsReflected light is bounced onto adjacent surfaces.



Through the use of partially silvered mirror, sections of artwork will reflect their surroundings. The artwork will pay homage to the beauty around it by incorporating that beauty into the artwork itself through reflections.

The main sections of artwork will face the beach and sea, and so will reflect the beauty and mood of nature in action. By wrapping the artwork round the corner onto the northwest and northeast sides of the building, the artwork will be highly visible as people walk along the promenade. From these sides, the urban environment and people will be reflected, bringing a human presence into the artwork.