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Having heard the thoughts and ideas of the young people at Bridlington Secondary and HIlderthorpe Primary Schools – the next step was to introduce the ‘Headworks’ project to the general public and listen to a broader stream of views from the local residents. So, this time I packed up all my samples, home-made light-labs, scissors, tissue-paper along with the kitchen sink to spend the day at the Yorkshire Water’s consultation day hosted by the Bridlington Spa.

Collaborating with Yorkshire Water and their construction team Morgan Sindall Grontmij, along with the project’s architects/engineers ARUP – we set up camp within the Spa and welcomed a host of people that had drifted down to air their thoughts on the Coast to Boast About Initiative.

Met by a universal keenness and willingness; visitors immediately rolled up their sleeves and set to work playing with the light-labs. People seemed genuinely united and excited to be included with the design process and made use of the ideas board by sharing their thoughts on post-it notes. Despite having to now juggle with lots of these contrasting ideas and preferences that were put forward, surprisingly, there was one strong design theme that surfaced from all of the consultations like text, I hear you Bridlington! Thanks to the students of Hilderthorpe and Bridlington School and everyone who made it down to the Spa for those very enjoyable and insightful chats, I really hope to create something inspiring that we can all be proud of.